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Dedicated Environmental Law Advocacy

The Law Office of Marsha A. Burch assists clients with a full scope of environmental law matters. Attorney Marsha A. Burch represents clients across the state, however the majority of her work is serving her clients with matters in Northern California. She has developed her reputation through her three decades of service to her community, including work in the areas of environmental review, water rights, land use, and farmland preservation and open space conservation easements. She represents environmental groups, tribes, public agencies, special districts, agricultural growers, developers, citizens groups and individuals.

Providing Consultation and Litigation

Through her years of practice, attorney Burch has become a key resource for her clients seeking to ensure compliance with CEQA (California Environmental Quality Act) and NEPA (National Environmental Policy Act). She advises community groups, tribes, nonprofits, and environmental organizations with comments on and challenges to development projects where environmental review has been insufficient. Ms. Burch also assists public agencies in determining the proper scope of review, reviewing draft documents, and preparing responses to comments, while advising agencies with respect to the approval process.

When needed, Ms. Burch provides litigation services under CEQA and NEPA. For community and environmental organizations, Ms. Burch assists with challenging projects that are approved without adequate environmental review. She also assists agency and private clients with defending project review where the agency and developer have followed environmental review requirements.

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